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The Galleries

Headshots: Eighteen images over a lengthy period; who can resist a headshot? (Suitable For Work)

Glashion:  Where fashion and glamour meet and my typical style. The model makes the clothes! (SFW)

Commercial:  Images featuring wardrobe from a denim designer.(SFW)

Artistic Nudes:  Studio work: working title is "material nudes."

On Location:  Big Bend, Texas area and White Sands, NM area.

SPI Beaches:  The two SPI galleries feature some remote locations of South Padre Island, and span 2002-2009.

SPI Dunes:   (see above)

Recent Shoot:  At my studio (Houston Skyline Studio) and about town.


I prefer doing photography to talking about doing photography or listening to talk about doing photography. In doing photography I follow what I see. "Glamour" in the site title has always been qualified with the "as I see it." I don't see photographing women as story telling, seducing, or inventing a look. I look for beauty in the person and do my best to capture that beauty. Wardrobe and accessories often evoke that beauty, hence the term "glashion." But the model always sets the theme for the image.

Once, when asked my photographic skills, I replied "I'm not as good as I want to be but better than I was six months ago." I'd like that statement to represent my position for years to come.

Please send your comments, questions, or observations to me here.

Peek at my  portfolio on Model Mayhem     Models and MUA's are linked in the portfolio.

Visit    Houston Skyline Studio      to see my home base. You might want to join our studio activities or use the studio for your favorite model.

I often teach at the  Houston Center for Photography    a must see site for area Photographers.